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2023 Foundation Events

2022-2023 is the year that the world gradually emerges out of pandemics and  tries to put pandemics behind. However the world is a different world from pre-pandemics in terms of how people work, and where people work. As a result, foundation continues exploration of online or virtual experience.   

At a Glance

In 2023 we continued our event of giving away free Qi-Gong media.We are also working with teams to explore and enable direct download from foundation website.

Continued to work with and sponsor Humane Society to help homeless and helpless animals in the bay area.

This has been one of our online initiatives through which we can reach out more audience. Our goal is to publish at least one article each year introducing in depth of Chinese Qi-Gong

We continued to work on the new online platform. The goal remains to be media playback online and download.

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